‘ Greed has no end . Once the students demanded some solid proof from their teacher , on this asumption. The teacher sent , one of the students , to the nearby ‘ Chocolate Factory ‘ , to buy one of the best chocolate from it and gave him money , for the purpose. The factory was famous for manufacturing different chocolates of different taste and quality . The teacher also put him under condition to select the best one and with no looking back or making a turn , to the table of product , which he had left .
The student entered the factory , started selecting the best chocolate of his choice and passed along many tables , in a hope to get best one perhaps , on the next table . In this way , he reached to the last table , which was to his dismay , having the most inferior quality of chocolate. He very sadly came empty handed but with a message that to be followed by we all , especially those , who have no end to their greed .

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